Yellow Sapphire


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    Yellow Sapphire is yellow in colour. It is worn to obtain the auspicious favour of most benefic planet Jupiter which is known as knowledge of KAALPURUSHA, therefore, by wearing it one’s inclination towards education develops. It causes spiritual enrichment. It is the favourite stone of educationists, lawyers, directors, statesmen and politicians. It can be recommended to students. It promotes universal love and brotherhood. It is very helpful for pregnancy and child birth. It nullifies Kujadosha, promotes marriage and controls a malefic Mars in preventing Jaundice and other liver related troubles. It is excellent for business stability and financial matters and is one of most wonderful gifts of nature. It increases the power of penetrating vision. It also increases the wealth, prosperity, life security, protects from poverty and removes misfortunes. It cures diarrhea, gastric ulcer, jaundice, heart problems, impotency arthritis etc. It is harmless stone. It can be recommended to girls for early marriage, to get a suitable husband and for problem free married life. Its weight should be 4 to 8 carats.

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    3ct – 3.5ct, 3.5ct – 4ct, 4ct – 4.5ct, 4.5ct – 5ct, 5ct – 5.5ct, 5.5ct – 6ct, 6ct – 6.5ct, 6.5ct – 7ct, 7ct -7.5ct, 7.5ct – 8ct, 8ct – 8.5ct, 8.5ct – 9ct, 9ct – 9.5ct, 9.5ct – 10ct


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