Shree Sarvamanokamna Yantra


  1. Our yantra is authentic and extremely powerful.
  2. Shri Sarva Manokamna yantra makes you extremely lucky in all aspects of your lives.
  3. Hugely beneficial for fulfillment of your desires.
  4. Worshipping this yantra with dedication and faith will free you from all worldly illusions.
  5. It aligns you to the divine energy and evokes spirituality in the worshiper.

We bring you this lucky yantra that match high standards of quality. Our prolific team with years of extensive knowledge, further energize this yantra to bring you a powerful tool to fulfill all your desires and a deep level of contentment.

  • Description

    Product Description

    This Sarva Manokamna yantra is a numerical yantra. It combines the powers of magic Numeric square and the powers of Bheej mantra to bring miraculous results. The basic working of this yantra follows the rule of bringing sacred number 3 in multiple combinations.This yantra can be placed in an appropriate corner of your house or in the puja altar to benefit you. Meditating on Sarva Manokamna Siddhi yantra and reciting the Bheej mantra, Om Aim Hreem Kleem Mum Sarvamanokamna Siddhi Sadhya Sadhya Swaha, is considered to change your luck quotient and hurdles, and obstacles that curtail your growth process are removed. This yantra boosts your ambitions, propels you in the right direction and helps in manifestation of your deepest desires and dreams.

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