Sandalwood Rosary


  1. We bring you highly authentic rosary.
  2. Wearing Sandalwood Rosary removes heat from the body.
  3. It has a cooling effect on the mind.
  4. Makes you addiction free.

Helps attain tranquility We offer you these high energy beads, which are further energized by our team of experts through recitation of the mantras, to enhance their effects and yield you maximum benefits.

  • Description

    Product Description

    It is made of Sandalwood beads and is also known as Safed Chandan Mala. Meditating on this, bestows on you blessings from gods and you attain a peace of mind and a state of tranquility. This rosary helps you to balance your emotions and makes you a calmer person. You feel motivated and inspired and are able to perform immensely challenging tasks with ease. Hence it greatly benefits students by improving their focus and concentration, and results in phenomenal academic success. Although, it helps you to remain detached even while enjoying a rich, luxurious lifestyle and being surrounded by materialistic pleasures. Wearing or meditating on White Sandalwood Rosary and reciting the mantra “Om Namo Bhagvate Vasudevay” or chanting Gayatri mantra 108 times every day helps you fulfill all your desires.

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