Sun(Surya) in Ninth House

Effects of Surya (Sun) & Remedies in Ninth House

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Sun(Surya) in Ninth House

  1. Benefits and favours from government, good health and financially stronger.
  2. The native will get a government job and comforts of vehicles and servants.
  3. The native will always be suspicious about others.
  4. If the Sun is in the 4th house, the native.s father will die in his childhood.
  5. If the Sun is in the 10th house and moon is in the 5th house the native will have a very short life.
  6. If the 4th house is without any planet, the native will be deprived of government favours and benefits.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Sun(Surya):

  1. Never wear blue or black clothes.
  2. Throwing a copper coin in a river or canal for 43 years will be highly beneficial.
  3. Abstain from liquor and meat.

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