Taurus Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I’m a fighter of love, a believer of happily ever after! They call me a great lover, romantic is how they describe me. I am Taurus, incredibly loyal and passionate. Here I am, with the ability to make a relationship work, expressing love is my joy. Deep, insightful, smart and intellectual, that’s who I am."

February 2020 for Taurus

This month you are busy behind the scenes and you may not be at the forefront of events, it is a good time to prepare and mind your P’s and Q’s – you are better off observing and waiting for the ideal opportunity than just going for it and so be patient, wait for the perfect wave. In another way of speaking, things are not ripe for the picking and so even if you feel impatient, you should not jump at any chances, as you can spoil a great opportunity by snatching at it too soon.

Mercury going retrograde in Pisces on the 16th of February, indicates that you have to be cautious in your investment decisions from that time. This is not a good time to pool funds or try and crowd fund. If you attempt to use the more trendy or social media driven ways to raise money, you can be caught short as you may not be aware of the pitfalls. This is also not a good time to lend or borrow from friends. In fact, friends can cost you money or cause you to make bad decisions and so do not get money advice from friends either.

This is a very good month for training, if you have a goal like a marathon or triathlon, you can make significant strides this month towards your endurance and fitness goals.

You are very compassionate and generous when your romantic feelings are aroused; however you have to be careful that you do not give too much away too quickly. Taurus are quick to open up in new love relationships, and you may reveal your hand too soon or even come over as needy or oversharing. In fact, you are not needy at all, you are just excited about sharing deep feelings, as talking to someone special and opening up about your past or deeper emotions just feels right and good, and you get a lot from it; you just need to be certain you are doing it with a person you can really trust, as some things are not really fit for the ears of strangers. Also, be careful that you do not attract someone who has more problems than you are really able to deal with.

This is a very good time to mull over what happens at a deep psychological level in your relationships and be more aware of the games that are going on; many people play games by instinct and Taurus often take things at face value when there is often some manipulation going on.

This can be the time you put the finishing touches to big new plans you have and get prepared for the start date or launch. You will not have the motivation for anything brand new, it is not the best month to start a new job as you work best where you know the ropes and already have some momentum behind you.

The moon wanes from the 9th to the until the 23rd and this marks the end of a relatively quiet period; after which events will speed up and you can make progress especially in terms of promotional efforts, travel for work, publishing and advertising. Long terms holidays are highly enjoyable. From the 23rd is also good for starting an academic program or research project.


April 21 - May 21



Taureans are famed for their romanticism, reliability, and charm, and they are often reputed to be the most beautiful people among all the zodiac children. Warm E affectionate, and sincere, they inspire confidence and loyalty in those around them. Taureans have a great need for financial and personal security. They love luxury, comfort, and beautiful things — tendencies that can encourage an obsessive possessiveness on their part Like the Bull who symbolizes their sign, Taureans are slow to anger, but when aroused, they can be fearsome.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Reliable, Patient, Devoted, Responsible


Stubborn, Possessive, Uncompromising

Favorable Colors

Green  Pink  

Favorable Numbers

2  6  9  12  24