Capricorn Monthly Horoscope Prediction

"I am all about ambitious power, position and money! I Capricorn, have a competitive nature. I possess the tendency to climb mountains to achieve what I want. Here I stand, Independent, determined and patient. Loyal, humble and hard working, that’s who I am."

February 2020 for Capricorn

Mercury goes retrograde on the 16th or February, meaning some frustration and delays as well as misconceptions in love. Avoid making promises as you are not actually that sure about what you feel about emotional matters right now. Your needs are changing, and you don't want to be backed into a corner.

Mercury retrograde period causes delays in negotiations over contracts, bank transfers, cheques clearing and payments. Debtors may be slower to pay up. Be cautious about who you extend credit to. Make sure you monitor cash flow carefully and allow for unexpected expenses.

Be very clear on terms and conditions when you purchase new services, check carefully how much time you have to cancel and apply for a full refund if the service is unsuitable. Look out for guarantee and warrantee expiry dates.

Capricorn are in a very idealistic frame of mind which can make you more open, more romantic and that can help love to develop quickly as your guard is down. However, you are not that pragmatic in love, and while in theory love conquers all, in practice the material things do create hurdles and love is not an uninterrupted spiritual experience. So, what I am saying, is that you can become infatuated and you may begin a relationship that has enormous emotional benefit, but which cannot be actively pursued in the short term. For example, you may begin a friendship online with a person who has no financial means to travel to see you in the short term and you may fall deeply in love with this person, which can present frustration. You may fall for someone who is married or attached and who cannot leave her/ his current partner yet. So there is love, potentially great love, but frustration and delay.

You may argue with your spouse about matters to do with the home and family and often things are highly charged and not very productive and so best to avoid debate and find practical and constructive things to do together.

If debate and healthy discussion are alive and well in your relationship, this can be a stimulating time, but perhaps a trying own if you partner is very sensitive and not up for some frank conversation.

Knowing relevant law is essential and you may have to investigate more deeply and get expert advice, as the details matter and you cannot afford to be unclear or even unconcerned about these legal technicalities especially where they relate to international law, copy write, data protection and internet regulation.

Intensive training may be needed for a new job you have begun and you are faced with some criticism at the start, but don't be demoralized as you are doing better than you think and some mistakes are part of the process.

The Mercury retrograde period is also a time for added planning and caution in relation to long distance travel and import, export agreements. It's not a good time to outsource and you need to supervise staff carefully. Read contracts very carefully and delay large purchases if possible as you may well get a better deal next month. Negotiations may stall and there are often delays or mistakes in terms of paperwork, transactions and business information systems. The moon wanes from the 9th to the 23rd marking a time for completion and implementation, after the 23rd is best for brand new projects especially in relation to property and self-employment. After the 23rd is also great for restaurant launches and businesses related to green energy. Post the 23rd is not good for marriage or getting engaged.


December 23 - January 20



The Goat that symbolizes Capricorn was traditionally CleplCt€Cl as half-goat, half-fish. This complex dual nature is echoed in the Capricornian personality, one of the most complex characters in all the zodiac. They have two distinct natures. One side of the sign is ambitious, hard-working, and enterprising. This Capricornian is highly motivated, loves life, and is able to set high but achievable goals. The other side of the Capricornian, however, is lost in a world of real or imagined obstacles to success; further, this Capricornian often cannot find the motivation to take action and challenge those obstacles. Even successful Capricomiars have a tendency to whine and complain about imagined burdens. These darker tendencies are not eased by Capricornians’ introverted natures and love of solitude.

Highly Compatible Zodiac


Responsible, Disciplined, Self-control


Know-it-all, Unforgiving, Condescending

Favorable Colors

Brown  Black  

Favorable Numbers

4  8  13  22