Vedic Rishi Blog A blog about Vedic Astrology, Compatibility, Lifestyle, Mantra and Meditation Sat, 22 Dec 2018 11:44:22 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Vedic Rishi Blog 32 32 Tips to Reduce the Negative Influence of Weak Sun and Moon in Your Kundli Sat, 22 Dec 2018 11:44:22 +0000 Each planet plays an important role in our lives. Its placement in our horoscope impacts our nature and affects those aspects of our lives that the planet rules. The Sun represents our capability to carry forth a task and complete it. The Moon is what helps us to conceptualize and find the way to do it. These two planets complement each other – one is the body and the other is the mind. To function properly, we need both the body and the mind. Hence, among the nine planets, a strong Sun and Moon are very important to create a successful and happy life.

The Sun

The Sun is the main planet or star in the solar system.  It is also the most important planet in our horoscope. It gives us confidence, represents our personality, identity, health, physical strength, and determines how much respect we get. The Sun’s placement in our chart affects how we view ourselves and how the world views us and our contribution to society. It also represents and impacts our relationship with those in authority and the male influences in our life – our fathers and other father figures. Due to all these reasons, it is important to know how a weak Sun can negatively impact our horoscope and our life and how one can reduce the adverse influence of the planet.

Impact of a malefic Sun in the Kundli or Horoscope

A weak Sun in the horoscope can have the following negative effect on our life:

  1. It can result in physical weakness, making you susceptible to diseases like joint pain, fatigue, polio, cardiac problems, weak eyesight, anemia, and various skin issues.
  2. It can cause problems or disagreements with authority figures.
  3. It can keep one devoid of father’s love and affection either by way of the untimely death of the father or by way of the person not getting along with his/her father.
  4. It can affect one’s confidence, speech, ability to interact with other people and increase feelings of insecurity.
  5. It can get one into trouble with the law or turn one towards illegal activities.
  6. It can make it difficult for one to succeed professionally.
  7. It can be a cause of an unhappy and unhealthy childhood.
  8. It can cause a hindrance in any activity one may take for self-development.

Remedies for reducing the negative influence of weak Sun

If the above points seem to be issues familiar to your life or you have a weak Sun in your horoscope then the following remedies can help you mitigate the adverse effects:

  1. The ruby gemstone can help those suffering from a malefic Sun. Consult a practicing astrologer to understand if you can wear a Ruby.
  2. Recitation of mantras can also help improve the strength of the Sun in one’s chart and make it positive. Some of the basic mantras for strengthening the Sun are Gayatri Mantra, Om Suryah Namah, Om Adityah Namah. Recite these mantras early morning after a bath, preferably 108 times.
  3. Offer Jal (water) to the rising Sun every morning, after a bath.
  4. Speak respectfully with all elders and people in the position of authority
  5. Follow a vegetarian diet and try to observe a fast on Sundays.

The Moon

Like the Sun represents our personality, the Moon controls our emotions, feelings, our thought process, and mental ability. It is also tied to our mother and our relationship with her. The Moon is responsible for keeping us motivated and interested in life and in living well. The Earth’s satellite defines our relationships with other people and how we navigate through the ups and downs that life brings. A strong Moon is helpful in improving sixth sense, intuition, and psychic abilities.  

Impact of a malefic Moon in the horoscope

A debilitated Moon in the horoscope can have the following impact on your wellbeing:

  1. It can be a cause of depression, melancholic tendencies, anxiety, and a negative attitude towards life.
  2. It can adversely impact one’s relationship with his/her mother or be the cause of one losing their mother early in life.
  3. It makes one want to be alone or live in isolation.
  4. If the Moon is extremely afflicted, it can also increase suicidal tendencies.
  5. It impacts creativity and ability to express, so those in the creative field with a weak Moon have to work hard to attain success.
  6. For women, a weak Moon can wreak havoc on their hormones and affect their menstrual cycle and fertility as well.
  7. It can also cause respiratory issues and be the cause of a regular cough and cold.

Remedies for reducing adverse effects of a weak Moon

A malefic Moon can cause a lot of emotional trauma, create misunderstandings in your life and affect your relationships. But, the negative impact of the planet can be mitigated by following these remedies:

  1. Respect your mother and other elders.
  2. Worship Lord Shiva and offer milk on the Shivling and read the Shiv Chalisa, or chant Om Namah Shivaya mantra 108 times regularly.
  3. Fasting on Mondays also helps strengthen the Moon and bring positive results.
  4. Wearing a pearl or moonstone as per the advice of an experienced and trained astrologer can also aid in curbing the negative influences of a weak Moon.
  5. Wearing silver kada or ring and using a silver glass to drink water can also help reduce the negative impact of a weak Moon.
  6. Meditating under the moonlight also helps one become calm and reduce mental anxieties caused by a malefic moon.
  7. Donating white clothes to the poor and needy can also prove to be beneficial.

These two planets are the parents of our horoscope, their blessings are important to lead a good and healthy life. To get positive benefits of these two planets one can start with respecting their parents and elders. For other remedies, consult an experienced astrologer to get customized solutions based on the configuration of your horoscope.

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13 Awesome Zodiac Signs Approved Gift Ideas Thu, 15 Nov 2018 10:09:16 +0000 The festival season is here! Dussehra, Diwali, Christmas, New Year are all lined up waiting to be celebrated with loved ones. While each occasion has its own importance and special way of celebrating it, there’s one thing that’s common in all – exchange of gifts between loved ones and friends and family.

Gifts. This word almost always invokes a positive feeling in the reciever. The thought that we would get a gift from someone special makes us feel cherished, loved, and cared for. On the other hand for the giver, choosing the right gift – something that the receiver would cherish and enjoy – is matter of constant worry and endless stress!!

Well, we’re here to relieve you of the worry and make your festival gift shopping easier! We’ve put together some awesome gift ideas for each zodiac sign based on the qualities of the zodiac signs, their likes, and dislikes this will help you in your quest to choose a gift they would like.


A fire sign, Aries are known for their adventurous nature, confidence, passion for life, courage, and never say die attitude. They’re the eternal optimists of the zodiac, very much like a baby! And, like a baby, they’re also a bit impatient, like things to go their way, and can be a tad bit aggressive than the other zodiac signs.

It’s important to keep these qualities of the zodiac in mind when you’re out choosing a gift for the fun loving Aries in your life. So, what should you get your Aries? Well, one thing you can do is steer clear of the mundane and the boring. No dinner sets and books or bedsheets and pillow covers. Instead, try to get them something that channels in their passionate nature and fun loving spirit. Things like a ticket to the nearest amusement park for them and their best friend, a paid session of rock climbing or trekking trip, or a complete travel kit will make them love you forever!


The second sign of the zodiac represented by the bull is patient, dedicated, responsible, and loves the fine things in life. The Taureans are attracted to things that are rich and that spell luxury and class. Things that provide a social status and provide them an opportunity to show off to their friends and family are important to a Taurus.

When buying a gift for the Taurean in your life, it is necessary to keep these qualities of the zodiac in mind, because the bull does not like to compromise. To keep the love with your Taurus sibling, parent, partner, or friend get them something that they can use as a decor for their lovely homes. For example, a beautiful painting, a crystal showpiece, a set of fancy cutlery. If home decor is not something you’re looking to buy, then try a personal item like a soft silk stole if it’s a woman, and a silk tie if it’s a man. A branded shirt or a nice leather handbag or wallet would also get you in the good books of the headstrong bull in your life! And, if romance is on your mind, then a couples spa appointment or a candlelight dinner for two at the finest restaurant in the city is sure to get things moving in the right direction.


Ahh! What can we say about the twins. They are inquisitive people who have  many interests. The Gemini can never settle on what they like or don’t like. Their likes are ever changing! Can’t blame them, it just the way they are – two different personalities living together.

So what can one get a Gemini that it will not only appeal to their curious nature but will also speak to their thirst for knowledge and debate? Get them a book on their favourite personality or an interesting time period in history. Book them a few classes for that hobby they’ve been thinking of taking up or gift them a DIY craft set.


The Cancer is known for its emotional and sensitive nature. Nothing off handed or thoughtless would do for the crab as they can get quite moody. There is a streak of insecurity too. So be sure that their gift is at least as good as the gifts for others if not better.

A water sign, Cancerians are ruled by the moon, hence they’re also quite emotional by nature. A starting point can be to choose something that has an emotional relevance for them. Based on these qualities of the zodiac sign, the best things that you get for them are a photo frame – something unique and fancy, or an item that would remind them of your first trip together or your honeymoon, or an exquisite dinner set or tea set that they can add to their kitchen decor.


The lions of the zodiac are tough to impress! Leos are stylish, bold and passionate. They’re loving, generous, love to live an over the top life and be the center of attention everywhere they go – you know, the guest honor.

This is why you must think through any gift that you buy for the lion-hearted people in your life. Gift them things that spell class and status. For example – a bespoke dress or suit, a bottle of their favourite perfume, or a branded watch or jewelry  – cuff links or tie pins for the men, and a nice fancy exquisite bracelet or earrings for the women, or a makeup kit for the women and grooming set for the men. Alternatively, just gush about their many qualities and praise them in front of their family and friends.


 The meticulous planners and nitpickers of the zodiac are not easy to please. They are known for their simple lifestyle, extreme attention to detail, health consciousness, and quiet nature.

So their gift should be something that appeals to their sense of practicality and well being. Anything frivolous or flashy would make them unhappy and they’d let you know too! Things like a daily planner, a simple diary and stationery stock, necessary household items that are not too expensive or a home exercise kit would be good gifts for the virgo.


 Buying gifts for a Libra is an art. You need to balance their need for fine, exquisite things and not inconvenience yourself with the expense. Yup, that’s the scales for you. They crave balance. They also love the beautiful and the finer things in life.

So if you’re looking for a special gift for the Libra in your life, you can get them things like a book of romantic poetry, a beautiful dress or a branded shirt, a bottle of expensive wine, arrange a candlelight dinner for two at their favourite restaurant, a high-end watch, fancy upholstery for their room, or a stylish travel case. Irrespective of what you get them, just remember that if they find out their gift caused you stress – emotional or financial, they’ll spend more time feeling guilty about it than actually enjoying the gift!


The Scorpios are known for their emotional, passionate and jealous nature. So their gift has to be better than everyone else’s. It matters to them. Loyalty towards the people they love, passion, mysterious, and bravery are some qualities of the zodiac.

An elaborate puzzle set, mystery novels or thrillers, tickets to such movies, books on human behaviour, a romantic date night by the sea, and scented candles, and perfumes are some things that are sure to get the scorpio in your life jumping with joy. Just remember, their gift has to be the best.


A fire sign, the archer is all about energy, adventure and excitement. They are known as the travellers of the zodiac. The Sagittarians have a great sense of humour too.

Gift the Sagittarius in your life that appeals to their adventurous or fun side – a nice colorful travel bag, a digital camera or a set of lenses if they already have a camera, a book on a language they’re trying to learn, or a CD of their favourite music band. As long as the gift is not something like a boring mixer-juicer, you’ll be their favourite “going on an adventure with buddy”.  


The goats are practical, disciplined, workaholic, and status conscious. Anything sloppy or not up to the mark will not do for them.

Ideal gifts for the Capricorn in your life can include things that help them become more productive at work like a diary, a laptop, a lifelong or at least an annual subscription to their favourite business magazine. Since they are all about status, a mont blanc –ish pen monogrammed with their initials will also get them excited. You could also plan a day at a high-end spa – they do love to be pampered and made to feel special. If you can’t zero in on anything, then just give them a good amount of cash! That would work too.


 The truly feeling humans of the zodiac, Aquarius are sharp, independent and modern individuals. On the flip side they are also a bit moody, short tempered, and distant.

Gifts for them can include books on emotional intelligence, romantic novels, poetry, a gift cheque for a cause they support – like their favourite animal shelter or the orphanage where they volunteer, or the old-age home where they go to spend time with the loney and aged. You could also impress them with an upgraded version of a gadget – laptop, mobile, tablet – of their choice. If you can manage both – a contribution to their social cause and a gift for their personal use, they would love you for life! When choosing a gift for these folks, just remember it has to appeal to both their head and heart.


The dreamers and old souls of the zodiac, Pisces are full of love and romance. They are also gentle by nature. They love music, the arts, and things that are related to culture.

Wise beyond their years, the Pisces won’t outright reject any gift you get them – yes, they are that caring and loving. But if you want to get them something they’d gush over and adore, then think on lines of a guitar or any other musical instrument they like, music cds of their favourite band, a beautiful painting, or souvenirs from far off places. You can also cook them a fancy and delicious seven course meal, the fish do love fine cuisine.


 While each zodiac has their likes and dislikes, there is one thing that everyone of us wants to accompany our gift or be the one thing we get from the people in our lives – it is love. Gift your family and friends your love, time, and attention all year around and see how this will make any gift seem more precious to them than the rarest of diamonds! Try it and see.

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Check What Secrets Your Ruling Planet Reveals About You Thu, 15 Nov 2018 09:39:17 +0000 Every individual is like a rainbow, they come with their unique set of colours. Generally speaking, it’s easier to know the most prominent traits in an individual depending on their zodiac signs. Interestingly though, astrology says, you are not just the carrier of the zodiac traits but your personality is equally influenced by the planet that rules your zodiac.

Each zodiac sign has one or two ruling planets, which adds a different dimension to it. Your personality thus, is a good blend of traits, some from your zodiac and some influenced by your ruling planet.

Know what significance your ruling planet attributes to your zodiac:


Ruling Planet: Mars

Mars is responsible for the masculine force that you have in your nature. It controls your passion, drive and energy. As Aries, you are driven by a strong sense of purpose and are courageous in your endeavours. This is Mars backing you. Your nature to jump start a project without much contemplation comes from Mars, which is a planet of action. As Aries you are competitive by nature, at times even when not needed. This nature comes from Mars which makes you aggressive and animalistic who believes in ‘survival of the fittest’. If you can channelize your aggression rightly, you can be extremely productive. Mars makes you adventurous and you may be seen biting too much than your can chew, leaving tasks incomplete quite often. Aries, do not get impatient and forceful before finishing what you have undertaken, and tap into enormous energy and confidence that Mars brings to you to fulfill your ambition and goals.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus being your ruling planet, you are bound to be drawn to art, beauty and all things luxurious and pay close attention to all things in detail. This makes you, the Taurus, enjoy all things good through your senses- be it good food, art or music. Thank Venus who blesses you with all beauty, grace and charm, making you extremely attractive to people of the opposite gender. You are romantic at heart, however you believe in testing the waters before you proceed further. This is Venus helping you to go by your aesthetic preferences, even when you choose your partners. Since Venus rules love and relationships, you aim for stability in any relationship- be it friendship or marriage. It’s Venus which makes you receptive and appreciative of others love and affection. Needless to say, this makes you desirable to others. Venus influences your materialistic pursuits and you may be averse to risks due to your attachment for materialistic pleasures or a life of comfort.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Mercury being the planet of communication and the ruler of Gemini, no wonder you are blessed with the gift of gab. The speed at which Mercury travels is the power backing your oratory skills. This makes you an impressive conversationalist and break group boundaries to multiply your connections. Although, you need to take care not to confine to talks but put it in action. You have a dualistic personality which others find confusing and this is also seen in your indecisiveness. This is Mercury that makes your fickle minded and restless and exhibits your behaviour inconsistency. Mercury helps you to conceptualize ideas and present it to the world in a manner to create a positive first impression. You are quick to learn things and witty, a gift showered on you by your ruling planet Mercury.


Ruling Planet: Moon

Your sensitive nature and the mood swings come from the moon with its waxing and waning. Moon being your ruling planet, you have a high tendency to sink into depression even over trivial matters that appear insignificant to others. The moon brings out the emotional side in you. You are deeply attached to your family, and their care, comfort and security is utmost to you. It’s the moon that helps you to understand your deepest feelings.


Ruling Planet: Sun

The ruling planet Sun brings the masculinity in you, which makes you bold and assertive. It exhibits your true personality. The Sun also explains how you approach life in general. Like the sun, they shine brightly and enjoy people’s attention. You are a strong willed individual as the sun represents willpower and gives you fire in the belly to forge ahead even in the face of adversities. Like the Sun, which is a fireball, you may appear to be tough and arrogant on the exterior, although at the core, you are tender and soft and helpful of others, and a very caring partner. You are someone with deep intensity and passion for all things you love and that is the driving force which you get from your ruling planet, the Sun. Your work is your greatest masterpiece and you take pride in your endeavours and accomplishments, where the Sun gives you a sense of purpose.


Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, which is responsible for your intellect, ideas and how you express yourself to others, being the planet of communication. You are a multi-tasker and can do several things simultaneously with precision and ease. This ability comes from Mercury’s energy. You are very organised in your thoughts and actions and this is due to Mercury’s organisational trait. You are good at collating information and process it in a structured systematic way. You have a unique perspective of the world, different from the others. You tend to have a lasting first impression on others, with Mercury playing its magic.


Ruling Planet: Venus

Venus being your ruling planet, you are extremely charming, and Libra being the peacemakers of the zodiac, you are most likely to use your charm and allure to create harmony in your relations and your natural surroundings. Diplomacy is the most reliable tool that you are armed with to bring peace into your life. Venus also indicates ideal love. It helps you to be receptive of others feelings while reciprocating the same to the world. This also helps you to maintain the balance, as you are denoted by the scales. You appreciate art and elegance in all forms, be it music, painting, fashion etc. This is your ruling planet Venus working in the background.


Ruling Planet: Mars

Scorpio is ruled by Mars and that’s where you get your aggression and passionate drive from. No wonder when you set a goal for yourself, you relentlessly pursue it and do not rest until you achieve it. This also makes you an extremist who is either driven to achieve ‘all’ and if not, you do not want any of it. Letting go is hard for you, be it chasing your dreams or holding grudge against someone. Forgiving and forgetting doesn’t come easily to you. You have a tendency to be possessive and obsessed about someone you love, due to the influence of Mars. If you have a bad temper and people feel you disregard their feelings or you come across as insensitive, it’s your ruling planet Mars to be blamed for. If you be more mindful, you could take care of your temper and channelize your energy rightly.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Jupiter, the planet you are ruled by is the giant planet in the solar system, and indicates big, abundance and expansion. To translate this simply, you are too enthusiastic, adventurous and way too optimistic, which sometimes could hurt. However, thanks to Jupiter which makes you extremely lucky most often. You have enormous resilience to fight the odds and come back to life in no time, Jupiter who makes you an hero. Abundance being one of the traits of Jupiter, you may accumulate large sum of wealth but may also be extravagant when it comes to your spending habits or when doing charities. No wonder, generosity and sympathy comes naturally to you, under the rule of Jupiter. ‘What is the purpose of my life’ is something you may wondering often, drawing you towards spirituality and philosophy. Passionately chasing your dreams and continuously replenishing your knowledge bank are admirable traits in you, gifted to you by Jupiter.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Saturn is your ruling planet and it teaches you to be disciplined and brings maturity to your personality. You set high goals for yourself and are extremely confident of achieving them. But it’s Saturn who gives you the energy and push to pursue your goals and climb higher, like the goat climbing the steep mountains through the rocky terrain. Interestingly, although Saturn symbolizes limitations, beneath those lies a greater life lesson for you. Saturn teaches you to be committed towards your goals and exercise discipline to succeed.  If you are facing trials and tribulations, note, it’s Saturn’s way of making you pay for your actions, as Saturn is known to do justice. But the good news is, by altering your actions, you can ring in more luck and get the law of karma work in your favour. Hence Saturn makes you take onus for your actions.


Ruling Planet: Saturn

Give a big thanks to Saturn, your ruling planet, which makes you a responsible and level-headed individual. You also get your confidence, loyalty from Saturn. You always struggle hard to express your views and opinions as you are unconventional, at times you may be impractical regarding your opinions and may find it hard to hear a ‘no’ for an answer. For self-growth, it’s important that you learn to be more accepting of others viewpoints and tolerant to others inputs. Saturn the planet, also is an indicator of limitations. To put it simply, by posing trying times or challenging life experiences, it helps you understand areas that you need to work on. Like, you may not have the courage to face a particular situation or may not be confident of taking responsibilities etc. By working on yourself, you can be better equipped. Saturn gifts you a brilliant scientific mind, so you could be the next Thomas Edison! Your foresightedness and unique abilities could inflate your ego and you might indulge in self-glorification, intimidating people around. No surprise that you feel like a loner at times. Use the talents your ruling planet, do not be constrained and reserved, and work in unison with others to make life truly meaningful.


Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Pisces, you are ruled by Jupiter and that makes you a dreamer of a life ‘fantasy like’, with all things perfect and fancy. You are more often looming in a fantasyland, a world that is unreal. You are doomed for disappointments if you set unrealistic goals owing to your grand visions for life in general. Jupiter gifts you amazing intuitive and psychic abilities and that’s what makes you connect with people instantly. You feel what they feel and are empathetic towards them. Your liking for social work or humanitarian causes may emerge out of your compassion for others. If you ever wonder why you are easily content, then in Jupiter lies the answer. Jupiter makes you shy away from the limelight and let you do your job with no expectations. It keeps you low-profile and not high on ambitions. You have an urge to remain aloof occasionally, triggered by Jupiter who also may draw you to the mystical world. Jupiter makes you a sensitive caring individual, although the onus likes on you -how you use your sensitivity. Use your power of discernment to refine the real from the fake, to not be hurt.

So whether it’s your calm demeanour or your restlessness, inexplicable temper tantrums or your chilled out easy going nature, you undoubtedly know now who takes the cake.

Generally, the lord of ascendant as per your horoscope or kundli is your ruling planet. If you do not know your ascendant, you can use our simple calculator to know your ascendant. Click here to calculate your ascendant.

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5 Ways to Awaken Your Psychic Powers Thu, 15 Nov 2018 05:43:55 +0000 We all have heard about people who have psychic powers, are intuitive, and have a strong sixth sense.  It is believed that such people are more perceptive of the environment around them. They are better at sensing danger and understanding other people’s intentions than the rest of us. Psychics are known to sense things before they happen and to whom those things may happen. They can also sense or get visions of past events that may have occurred with someone.

While we don’t meet psychics or people with such abilities on a daily basis, these powers are not as uncommon as we think they are. To some extent, these psychic powers are present in all of us. It is just that some of us work on harnessing these hidden magic qualities, others shrug off the little nudges that the universe sends our way as coincidences.  

If we want to, we can also develop or learn to use these abilities by practising the right habits and by living a certain lifestyle.

How Do You Know You Have Psychic Powers

As said above, everyone is born with these abilities. You just need to recognize situations where your sixth sense speaks to you and learn to listen to it. For example, sometimes you start to feel uneasy or scared in someone’s presence even when you may have just met the person or that person may not have done anything untoward to you. Yet, the feeling of dread is there. More often than not, most people shake off this feeling thinking that it is so because the person is a stranger, only to have a bad experience with the said person later. When that happens, the bad experience is considered to be a coincidence. It is not. The feeling of dread or fear that arises is your intuition telling you that this person or the situation you’re in with them is not right for you and you should be cautious.

“ Intuition does not always foretell bad things. It gives positive messages as well.”

The exact opposite situation of the above example is also possible. You meet a stranger and yet you’re completely at ease and extremely happy to meet them. You can’t understand the reason for this joy, but it is your inner self-telling you that this person is good for you. Other incidents like suddenly missing people you’ve been out of touch with for a long time, feeling connected to places you’ve never been to before, or having conversations or being in situations where you seem to have an inkling of the possible outcome — this is your psychic abilities trying to connect with you. These senses or feelings develop, become stronger, and occur more frequently if we listen to them. If we keep on ignoring them or shrugging them off as coincidences, then after a time we cease to hear them. And, that is how these powers become uncommon or rare.

So if you too want to start to harness your inner psychic, follow these five tips:

1.Meditate: Meditation is the cure for many ailments. It also helps quieten our thoughts and make us calm, both of which are necessary to connect with inner psychic. So find a quiet spot, schedule a time slot — begin with 10 – 15 minutes and meditate. Practice breathing, connect with your body, mind, and spirit. Doing this regularly will help you become more aware of your surroundings, get a better control over your feelings and emotions and make you more perceptive. All these qualities will in turn will help you to listen to your intuition and trust it.

If you don’t know how to start meditating, you can either join a course or use apps that have been designed specifically to help people meditate.

2.Be positive: To improve your psychic abilities it is important to build a positive attitude towards life. Negative people are so busy focusing on problems and issues, that they don’t have the time to experience or listen to the nudges that the universe sends their way. So learn to cultivate happiness in your life. Do things that give you joy and help you relax. Also inculcate the habit of helping other people and making them happy. If you’re not a very generous person by nature, you might find this difficult to do initially, but with time it will get easier. This habit will help you become more perceptive of other people’s thought, feelings, and emotions. You will be able to better read people. Being able to read other people is an important part of developing psychic powers.

3.Use Essential Oils:  Like meditation, aromatherapy is also known to help people relax. Certain essential oils like sandalwood, frankincense, and sage can help you relax and tap into your intuition. Use these oils as a diffuser, add a few drops in your bath water,  mix them in a carrier oil and give yourself a massage, or dab a few drops in a handkerchief and inhale the scent while you relax. You can also dab a few drops of the oil of your choice on your pillow before you turn in for the night.

4.Detox: Awakening your intuition requires a clean and healthy body and mind. One cannot expect to connect with their inner self while fighting off illness, fatigue, or living an unhealthy lifestyle. So, when you decide to work on enhancing your psychic powers, start detox with herbs. To do so, you can use herbs like neem, cilantro, and milk thistle. These herbs will help cleanse your body of toxins. Once you’ve completed a basic cleanse, you can introduce herbs like chamomile, fennel, lavender, lemongrass, and peppermint in your routine to help you relax, reduce negativity, and tap into your inner strength.

5.Practice Self Awareness: Before you can become aware of others and their thoughts and feelings, you need to understand ourselves. You can do this by practicing self awareness. Spend time with yourself, understand your thoughts and emotions. Observe how you react to different situations and how it impacts the outcome. Work on controlling your ego, practice humility. Once you’ve mastered your own emotions and feelings, you will be able to better understand what motivates others and how they view life. This knowledge will enable you to read others and their situations better.

These are some things you can do to start improving your psychic powers. Once you’ve started on the journey, your intuition will guide towards other means of further improving your abilities…maybe even lead you to a guide or master.

Note: The oils and herbs mentioned here are suggestions, consult a practitioner or expert to find the herbs and oils best suited to you.

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