Solar Eclipse - December 26, 2019

Solar Eclipse is a beautiful rare phenomenon that occurs when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun, totally or partially obscuring the Sun. When the Moon covers the Sun, the visible outer edge forms a ‘ring of fire’, called annulus(‘ring’ in Latin). Hence, it’s called Annular Solar Eclipse, which will occur on December 26, 2019.

Generally, the total duration of Annular Eclipses can extend over 6 hours, although not confined to a single location. This Solar Eclipse can be witnessed in certain parts of the globe like North and West Australia, East Europe, major parts of Asia, East Africa etc. In India, Solar Eclipse on December 26, 2019 is from 8:06 a.m. to around 11:13 a.m.

When seen from Vedic aspect, Solar eclipse is considered unfavourable as one’s consciousness is hindered or blocked and hence, tends to adversely affect the mind leading to negative tendencies. It is also said, since it reduces the solar energy i.e. the life-force, Prana, all beings suffer during the eclipse.

It has an impact on all living beings, marked by changes in one’s nature and holds greater significance as per Indian Astrology. The inauspicious period during the Grahan is called Sutak Kaal, and there are 4 Prahars during Solar Eclipse when Sutak is observed. As it contaminates the Earth’s atmosphere during this period, there are a few Sutak rules that need to be adhered both from astrological and religious aspects.
Sutak period generally starts around 12 hours before the eclipse.

Sutak Kaal Timings for this Solar Eclipse is:

Begins at 5.33 pm on 25 Dec, 2019 and Ends at 10.57 am on 26 Dec, 2019

Precautions to be taken during Solar Eclipse 2019:

  • Do not look at the eclipse
  • Avoid preparing or eating during this time. However, children, old and sick people are not bound by this Sutak rule
  • Best to avoid any leftover and consume only fresh food after the eclipse
  • Leaving the holy Tulsi (Basil) plant untouched is advised.
  • Do not worship any deity or idols at home 
  • Refrain from taking new initiatives or starting a new job or business
  • Avoid financial transactions
  • If possible stay away from travelling during this time
  • It is advisable for pregnant women to stay home during this period, else the chances of miscarriage increases.
  • During the Sutak period, any auspicious events or ceremonies are not to be carried out.

It is believed that after- effects of Solar Eclipse lasts for a period of 3 to 6 months. Hence, following certain rituals can avoid the malefic effects of the Grahan.

Remedies during Solar Eclipse 2019:

  • It is believed, your long-awaited desires are fulfilled by act of kindness and philanthropy during this period 
  • This is an ideal period to meditate
  • Chanting powerful Surya Mantra is found to be auspicious
  • If you have favourable Sun in your horoscope, recitation of Surya Ashtak Strotram proves to be greatly beneficial
  • After the Solar Eclipse ends, take a bath to avoid the ill-effects of the eclipse
  • Sanctify your home by sprinkling the sacred Gangajal
  • After Grahan ends, clean the idols of God and deities
  • After taking bath, giving alms, clothes to the poor and the needy helps to settle your past sins
  • Make donations or some form of charity to priests
  • In case of food prepared before the Solar Eclipse, purify it with some basil leaves and then have it.
  • Planting and water a Shwetark tree proves beneficial
  • Respecting and serving your father regularly bestows heavenly blessings.

However, devoting this time to perform virtuous and pious deeds, one can utilize this period for spiritual practice and can gain enormously on the spiritual front.