Venus(Shukra) in first House

Effects of Shukra (Venus) & Remedies in First House

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Venus(Shukra) in first House

Venus in Ist house makes the native highly handsome, long lived, sweet tongued and popular among the opposite sex. Wife of the native remains ill. Religion, caste or creed is never a bar for having sexual relations with anyone. Such a native is generally highly romantic by nature and longs for love and sex with other women. He gets married before he starts earning his living. Such a native becomes a leader of persons of his age group, but leadership of the family members causes several family troubles. Such a native earns great profits through the trade of clothes. Such a native is generally deprived of interest in religious pursuits. When Venus comes in 7th house in Varsha Phal, it causes chronic fever and blood cough.

Lal Kitab Remedies for Venus(Shukra)

  1. Do not marry at the age of 25 years.
  2. Always act accordig to the advice of others.
  3. Serving a black cow.
  4. Avoid sex during day time.
  5. Take bath with curd.
  6. Intake of cow.s urine is very useful.

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