Here's How the Lunar Eclipse Will Impact Your Zodiac

Eclipses, especially total eclipses, create such a huge visual impact in the sky that they ’re hard to miss. Sky watchers, astronomers, astrologers and believers of astrology all eagerly wait for this cosmic event.

As we all know, any event related to planets has an impact on the zodiac signs and individual horoscopes. Eclipses are one of the major cosmic occurrences that are believed to have a long-lasting astrological effect. That is why they are important for astrologers and believers of astrology.

What is a lunar eclipse? 

Lunar refers to the Moon.  A lunar eclipse is an event that blocks or covers the moon. It occurs when the Sun, the Earth, and the Earth’s moon line up in this order. During a lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks the moon from receiving direct sunlight. Thus on the night of a lunar eclipse, the moon is in the shadow of the Earth and the only light that it gets is what is reflected from the Earth. A lunar eclipse can take place only on a full moon night, i.e. on a Poornima.

Why are lunar eclipses important in astrology?

The moon is an important planet in astrology. It represents the mother, emotions, emotional and mental health, and relationships. The Moon is also an harbinger of luxury and wealth. If the Moon in a native’s horoscope is positive and strong, it signifies that the person will lead a luxurious life and will stand to gain wealth through relatively less efforts. This makes the Moon the most important planet, next only to the Sun. And, any event having an effect on the Moon is surely to impact people and their emotions.

Our life is much like the waning and waxing of the Moon, there are ups and downs. There are beginnings and there are endings. The full Moon and the New Moon signify the new phases or the new events set to happen in our life. They are mark the end and start of a new cycle in life. The eclipse has a larger and more pronounced impact on all these aspects of our life. While it does affect all signs of the zodiac, the impact is stronger for those signs where the eclipse takes place and for those who have that sign as a rising or an ascendent.

Apart from these events, eclipses also set in motion big and life changing events  like change in living circumstances, house-moves, wedding, career change or growth, new opportunities, reveal hidden emotions, intentions or feelings in relationships, bring forth secrets or suppressed information, and deliver final outcomes. It is during eclipses that people and relationships that have played their part in our life or have become redundant tend to fade away from your life or become distant. 

Given all the areas of life that the eclipses touch, it has created a fear in the minds of people. While the changes that the eclipse might bring with may be drastic, it must be viewed as a decluttering initiative undertaken by the universe to guide and prepare us to achieve our life’s purpose.

Schedule of Lunar Eclipse in 2019

Kind of lunar eclipse Date Time in India Visible in India
Total Lunar Eclipse 20 – 21 January 10:11 am – 11.13 am on January 21 Not visible in india
Partial Lunar Eclipse 17 July 1.31 am – 4.29 am Visible in India

Impact of the lunar eclipse on Your Zodiac

Even though the lunar eclipse will not be visible in India, there will be an impact on the Zodiac signs. However, the intensity of the effect that the lunar eclipse has on the individual will depend on the placement of the moon in the horoscope, the strength, and their zodiac sign. The eclipses also tend to influence those more who have a birthday in the 3 – 5 days before or after the eclipse.

The first lunar eclipse of 2019, has been named the Super Blood Wolf Moon. This eclipse will take place in Leo sign, hence the lions of the zodiac are sure to feel the impact of the Super blood wolf Moon the most.

Here’s what each of the zodiac signs can expect from the first lunar eclipse of 2019.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Aries

The Ram can expect the Moon to throw some light on their relationships, especially those of the romantic nature. There will also be some intense emotional moments which the Aries will need to navigate calmly and avoid making any sudden or rash decisions. For these active folks, the work front will also bring new opportunities and challenges in the coming future. Try not to make sudden or rash decisions. Relax, be positive and let the eclipse play out.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Taurus

The Bull may see a lot of action on the home front. Relationship with the family will the be the focal point during this time. It would be good for you to rest and recuperate your strength during this time and think on how you can improve the ties that make life meaningful. In case you feel restless, try to schedule in some meditation time as eclipses are also great for connecting with the soul.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Gemini

Communication and work are the highlights for the twins. Things might get a little chaotic so it would be a good idea to cut the chatter and tighten the belt. Pay close attention to what people around you are trying to say and try to reflect and then respond.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Cancer 

Eclipses tend to put an added strain on the relationships in general, if things are already difficult with a certain person in your life, then tread carefully. Avoid getting in to needless arguments or say anything that you might later regret. But all’s not bad. While your personal equations with people need tending, your synergy with wealth is positive and strong.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Leo

Since the lunar eclipse is taking place in their sun sign, the lions will feel the impact the most. This lunar eclipse will put the spotlight on you. It will compel you to assess your life, see what’s working and what’s not and make changes that will enable you to move forward. So, take this time to truly understand what you want to achieve in life.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Virgo

The hardworking Virgos will be called upon to find a way to bring some work-life balance. This eclipse will highlight why both work and play are important and a necessary part of life.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Libra

The scales are all about communication and the eclipse will bring a lot of that in their life. Libras will also see a change in the people around them. The current ones might leave, old friends might want to reconnect and new connections might open up. There’s a lot of upheaval expected, but that’s life. Accept what comes and let go what wants to leave gracefully.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Scorpio

Work and career is the focus for the Scorpions. Clear your mind and assess how far you’ve come and where you want to go! Understand what you need to do to reach there and get to work.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Sagittarius

For the archer also the eclipse will be a time to retrospect on and assess their life  journey. It will motivate the Sag to let go of the habits and behaviour that no longer create positivity and cultivate those that do. Keep your mind and heart open to receive with gratitude what the eclipse brings.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Capricorn

The busy Goat might experience some strain in personal relationships. They need to work on being more accomodating and less controlling of those that are dear to them if they want the relationship to hold. The eclipse will also bring into focus things related to earning and money.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Aquarius

The Aquarians also need to work on their relationships. The eclipse will highlight the areas that need attention. Think about how you can make your relationships more pleasant and control any urge to get into unnecessary arguments or heated discussion during the few days before and after the eclipse.

Effect of Lunar Eclipse on Pisces

The eclipse will shed light on the work and wellbeing area of the fish. Look at how things are at work and assess your health. Try to get some clarity on the status quo and what you would like to change in it. Then form a roadmap and get moving!

Contrary to popular belief, eclipses are not all negative. They may test us and our relationships and the efforts we put in various areas of life to help us prioritise and understand what is important and needs attention. They also provide us an opportunity to let go of people and situations to make room for better things and healthier relationships. Since the eclipse will not be visible in India, there will be no sutak.